About Us

Developing the Centre for the Future

As a building at the heart of the local community, we are constantly trying to increase the range of activities, events and theatre we have to offer. Doing this comes at a cost. Within the building we have many multi-purpose rooms, a theatre plus an additional performance/studio space. Our regular activities are ever increasing as is the range of theatre and concerts we have on offer. Our vision is to continue to work with local groups to firmly establish the centre as the go-to venue for theatre, concerts and regular activities.

Regular Activities

We are always keen to take on board new activities that fit into our ethos as an arts centre and community building. Currently we are trying to further adult and youth drama and to establish our luncheon club on a firmer basis.

Building Development

The trustees work on 3 levels with our building projects:-

  1. Those that can be undertaken by volunteers & our caretaking team e.g. low level decorating
  2. Projects costing under £20,000 that can be funded through small grants. e.g. window renovation, stained glass repairs, floor covering, refurbishment of rooms
  3. The major capital projects; such as installing an 11 person lift & associated building work

2015/16 Tasks

Group 1

  1. Redecorate Baths Hall
  2. Complete painting of wrought iron railings
  3. Redecorate downstairs entrance
  4. Replace curtains in Main Hall
Group 2

  1. Install new dishwasher in Baths Hall kitchen (Completed February 2015)
  2. Replace floor covering in Baths Hall kitchen (Completed February 2015)
  3. Replace chairs in Main Hall (Completed February 2015)
  4. Resurface the road on Croft Head Terrace up to car park (Completed September 2015)
  5. Renovate windows in AC Hall
  6. Renovate stained glass in AC Hall (Completed August 2015)
  7. Complete exterior painting on South elevation
  8. Renovate upstairs kitchen
  9. Roof repairs

Group 3

Having completed a lot of work on the infrastructure of the building over the last 10 years we are now needing to revisit the plans for installing a new lift. This is urgently needed to enable the activities taking place in the Main Hall & the AC Hall, to be accessed by those with disabilities.  Also we need to do this work before purchasing new floorcovering, decorating etc.

The basic plans have been drawn up by architects & Listed Building permission was obtained but the plans may now need to be resubmitted. The lift installation & the breaking through from the Green Room to the AC Hall have to be done as one integrated project.

This cost is estimated at about £300,000.  We are currently setting up a group of trustees and others, to look at fundraising & sponsorship.

If anyone would like to help by making a donation towards this work it would be very gratefully received.